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KLIMS is an easy to use, cloud based, Laboratory Information Management System for Clinical Pathology Laboratory and Diagnostic centres. KLIMS enable Labs to manage complex business processes, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce turn-around-time (TAT), eliminate data errors and promote enterprise-wide collaboration. KLIMS streamlines and manages both the medical and administrative operations of a medical diagnostic laboratory while improving efficiency, reducing cost and helping to drive up profits.

Our easy to use KLIMS platform takes care of the Business Process & Workflow Automation activities of Medical Diagnostic testing laboratories. Some of these activities include - patient demographics, Order entry, specimen processing, results entry, and reporting. KLIMS is able to route test orders and results to various users (Labs users, pathologists, and ordering physicians), branch locations and patients. KLIMS also offers non-clinical functionality such as Inventory management, billing, and accounting services.

KLIMS features include:

  • Patient Database Management (unlimited number of patient registrations / tests allowed
  • Appointments / Test Scheduling
  • Work Order Entry
  • Tests / Groups / Profile / Samples Management
  • Rate Management (Customizable rates / prices per site - Lab / Collection centre / Branch)
  • Sample Collection and Processing (Accession)
  • Inlab / Outlab / Home Collection Specimen Management
  • Customizable Worksheet Manager
  • Test Result Management (Result Entry)
  • Bar coding / Barcode Manager – Barcode Printing and Scanning
  • Inbuilt Messaging - (Patients / Lab / Ordering Physician)
  • Customizable Email / SMS Alerts to Patients, Ordering Physicians etc
  • Billing & Accounts Management
  • Multi User accounts with various levels of permission
  • Multiple Collection Centres & Branches
  • Patient Login - Online access for Patients to check Test status, download completed reports, download bills etc
  • Ordering Physician / Clinic / Hospital Logins
  • Inventory Management (Master Management, Purchase Order, Payments, Pending Orders, Rejected Orders, Delivery & Stock Management, Stock Control / Expiry Dates / Batch Numbers, Departmental Orders / Fulfillment, Product Below Limit, Reporting etc)
  • Reports / MIS - Accounts (Billing Report Manager, Patient Records, Register Generation)
  • Reports / MIS - Tests (No of Tests Done, No of Rejected Samples, No of Tests Within TAT, No of Tests outside TAT etc)
  • Export Reports to Excel / PDF
  • Report Designer - Customized with Lab Name, Logo, Test reporting fields etc
  • Backup & Audit Trail
  • SSL Certificate for Online Security - SHA-2 and 2048 Bit Encryption
  • Standards Covered - NABL, ICD, GCLP, HL7, HIPAA, CPT, 21 CFR Path 11

  • Benefits of KLIMS include

  • Ease of use
  • No heavy initial cost of ownership - No upfront investment in hardware or software (KLIMS is hosted on our servers)
  • Less Maintenance – Hardware, Software, IT staffs, Utilities, Backups
  • Reduces operating costs while increasing profit margins
  • Information retrieval (Medical & Administrative) - Easy access to information from anywhere there is Internet connection
  • Connect multiple Collection Centre and Branches. Standardized Laboratory operations across the organization using a centralized Database.
  • Accuracy and better data management
  • Unlimited number of Patients and Tests
  • Single patient account across all branches / collection centre
  • Ability to add Tests / Test Groups / Samples / Sample Groups
  • Customizable Worksheet / Result / Reporting Templates to match each Test
  • Add / update test parameters
  • 400+ Templates for Tests / Test Groups / Profiles
  • Quality improvement
  • Improved client satisfaction
  • Quick Return on Investment (ROI)
  • For more information on KLIMS service offering, features, benefits and plans, please visit